Tuesday 17 January 2017

STA Interview Question Part 5

1)what are inputs for Prime Time?

2)Explain the Prime time inputs?

3)Analyze the Timing Report?

4)what is Setup time? Draw the waveforms ?

5)what you have done in your Projects?(About Timing)

6)what is Arrival time,Required Time?

7)what .lib, .spef contains ?

8)what is Timing Window?

9)why Setup time and Hold time ?

10)In a file, it contains lot of linked file paths there Replace the .lef extension with .txt

11)A file contains a few No. of lines there , show the memory of the Each line in Terminal?

12)Open a tcl file and Copy the Data and paste into another file?

13)Show the a file information in screen?(in Tclsh shell)

14)Search patterens in Vi file?