Saturday 26 September 2015

CMOS Fundamentals

Before Going through complete physical design course one need to know basic fundamentals of CMOS, which will help you to understand other advance concept easi


  1. I am a Recruiter Looking for someone in Physical Design and Verification. if someone can help me with this.
    Verification Engineer :
    • Expertise with AXI/AHB/APB protocols
    • Knowledge/Expertise with PCIe/MIPI will be an added advantage
    • Knowledge with processor verification is a plus
    • Extensive knowledge of SystemVerilog and verification methodologies particularly OVM/UVM
    • Strong experience in the implementation of verification infrastructures, test benches, models, assertions
    • Expertise with development of constrained random tests scenarios
    • Running regression tests and analysis of results including functional coverage
    • Hands on with RTL/Gate Level Simulation
    • Expertise with industry standard tools like VCS/Verdi/NCSim/Questa etc.
    • Scripting skills with PERL/TCL
    • With Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Very good team player, self motivated and creative in problem solving

    Physical Design :

    Education Background with VLSI skills ( Engineering Degree in Electronics & Communication or Electrical )
    * Hands on working exposure to Synthesis and/or Custom/Partition/Block level Physical design .
    * Exposure to Design Compiler, IC Compiler , Z Route, Timing using PT/PTSI, Physical verification DRC,LVS
    * Should have gone through one or more tape outs in 10nm or 14nm and beyond

    Knowledge on the below areas is required

    Synopsys Tools (ICC , DC, PT)
    PnR and Physical Verification
    Std cell placement.
    Timing driven methodologies for better QoR
    Routing and optimizations.
    Maxcap / Maxtrans Fixes..
    Partition Level Timing Debugging and fixing using PTSI
    SPEF extraction
    LVS, DRC, ANT & Density problems
    Scripting (TCL)

    Contact- 8249483253
    Email Id-

  2. Yes I have a good knowledge of AMBA AHB my last project was on AMBA only

  3. Still there is the post for physical design engineer??

    1. Yes sir what u mention in the above list for physical design I HV all eligibility except 10 nanometer .I am trained fresher I HV experience on PT shell also.

  4. Thanks for giving this useful information how do I participate for
    I have 3 year expranc

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