Thursday, 6 August 2015

About this blog


This Blog is maintained by the people who have real time experience in the field of physical design from RTL to GDSII in the technologies node of 90nm, 65 nm, 45nm, 40nm, 28nm and less.

Agenda of this Blog

1. To make familiar with physical design terminology to the Beginners in this field
2. To discuss day to day challenges in real time work in the field of physical design.
3. It will be helpful for the person who is trying to switch there domain to physical design.
4. To make college/university student familiar with real time environment in Physical Design.
5. To make this blog as single reference point for all kind of query in the field of physical           design

Feedback and Suggestion

Please do comment if topic of your choice related to Physical Design is missing in this blog, your continuous feedback will help us to make this blog better and a single source for your all physical design query.

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