Monday 31 August 2015

Calculation Related to power Planning

Power Calculations
 1.  Number Of The Core Power Pad Required For Each Side Of Chip=(Total Core Power)/{(Number Of Side)*(Core Voltage)*Maximum Allowable Current For A I/O Pad)}

  2. Core Current(mA)=(CORE Power)/(Core Voltage )

  3.  Core P/G Ring Width=(Total Core Current)/{(N0.Of.Sides)*(Maximum Current Density Of The Metal Layer Used For Pg Ring)}

  4. Total Current =Total Power Consumption Of Chip(P)/Voltage(V)
  5. No.Of Power Pads(Npads) = Itotal/Ip

  6. No.Of Power Pins=Itotal/Ip

       Itotal =TOTAL Current
       Ip Obtained From Io Library Specification.
  7. Total Power=Static Power+Dynamic Power
                       =Leakage Power+[Internal Power+Ext Switching Power]
                       =Leakage Power+[{Shortckt+Int Power}]+Ext Switching Power]
                       =Leakage Power+[{(Vdd*Isc)+(C*V*V*F)+(1/2*C*V*V*F)]


  1. How to calculate the current density of a metal?

  2. Also want to know how to decide the no of straps & strap width?

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