Monday, 17 December 2018

Call for Articles

Interested candidate can mail their article on

Article should be in following domains

1. Design
2. Design Verification
3. Physical Design
4. Physical Verification
5. DFT
6. AMS
7. Linux
8. TCL
10. Frequently asked questions in various companies

Terms and condition

1. Article should be more than 200 word
2. Should be original idea
3. It should not contain any proprietary or confidential data
4. send your article in word documents

1 comment:

  1. Hospital Management Software

    The success of a hospital Management system lies mainly on user-friendliness. Then only the implementation and training becomes seamless and the users in all departments of a hospital can relate their day to day work with the software.
    Such a user friendly software can be delivered by a team consists of health care professionals, a company in healthcare domain, has close connection with every type of staff in a hospital so that they can understand their ability.
    The overall advantages of the HMS are: Erroneous is greatly reduced, Customer (Patient) satisfaction increases and thus foot fall increases, Ecofriendly green system implemented by reports/ results / information are moved digitally than in a paper, dashboards help the hospital management to a greater extent.