Saturday 15 April 2023

SDC Constraint File

 An SDC (Synopsys Design Constraints) file is a text file that contains timing constraints for a digital design. The SDC file is used by the synthesis tool, place and route tool, and timing analysis tool to ensure that the design meets its timing requirements.

Here are some of the key items that can be found in an SDC constraint file:

Clock constraints: The SDC file contains information about the clock signals used in the design, including their frequency, period, and waveform characteristics. It also includes information about clock networks, such as clock tree synthesis (CTS) constraints and clock domain crossings (CDC) constraints.

Timing constraints: The SDC file contains timing constraints that define the timing relationships between signals in the design. These include setup and hold times, recovery and removal times, and minimum and maximum delays.

Constraints on input and output ports: The SDC file contains information about input and output ports of the design, including timing requirements such as input delay, output delay, and maximum fanout.

Physical constraints: The SDC file contains physical constraints such as placement constraints, routing constraints, and constraints on the timing characteristics of specific paths or cells.

Design requirements: The SDC file also contains information about the design requirements, such as power consumption constraints, design for test (DFT) constraints, and design for manufacturability (DFM) constraints.

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