Thursday 30 May 2019

What is Objective and challenges of Physical Design?

Since design and manufacturing of IC (Integrated circuits) could millions of dollars. Quality of chip also matters a lot to company. 

AIM of Physical design Engineer to acieve 
  •  Power
  •  Performance
  •  Area

This target is also known as PPA,

Saving of power (dynamic and static) lesser the heating of the circuit. If chip is going to be in battery operated system then power consumed by IC significantly results in battery drained off. less the power more time battery can run operate the device.

Performance term is associated with speed/frequency or we can say timing, faster the circuit performance will be greats.

Cost of manufacturing is directly proportional to area, if area of IC is more than more cost you need to pay to manufacturer. In order to save money in manufacturing preferable is more number of gate counts should be get manufacture in given amount of area.

Challenges in Physical design
  •  Achieve timing
  •  Congestion
  •  Manufacturing requirements such as DRC, DFM etc
  •  Meeting power numbers
  •  Delivery of the project timelines

As technology nodes is shrinking achieving above targets are becoming tougher and tougher. Identifying the issues at early stages is always good. In order to achieve target keep running sign off checks at regular interval of time. Re-spin of design is time consuming and non-productive way of working.

Every company aims to bring their product in market as soon as possible in order to beat the competition. So keeping in the mind objective and challenges a physical design engineer should work.

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