Thursday 28 November 2019

Generation of Integrated Circuits

As number of transistor, which can be fabricated in a single chip increased through generation, We believe more transistor and more complex IC's are yet to come.

SSI  (Small Scale Integration) introduced in 1964, Having transistors 1 - 10 and logic gates 1 - 12

MSI (Medium Scale Integration) introduced in 1968, Having transistors 10 - 500 and logic gates  13 - 99

LSI (Large Scale Integration) introduced in 1971, having transistors 500 - 20000 and logic gates 100 - 9999

VLSI (Very Large Scale Integeration) introduced in 1980, having transistors 20000-1000000 and logic gates 10000 to 99999

ULSI (Ultra Large Scale Integration) introduced in 1984, having transistor 1000000 and more and logic gates 100000 and more

WSI (Wafer Scale Integration) is a means of building very large integrated circuits that uses an entire silicon wafer to produce a single "super-chip".

SoC or SOC (System On Chip) is an integrated circuit in which all the components needed for a computer or other system are included on a single chip.

3D-IC (3 Dimensional Integrated Circuit) has two or more layers of active electronic components that are integrated both vertically and horizontally into a single circuit.

NameSignificationYearTransistors numberLogic Gates number
SSIsmall-scale integration19641 to 101 to 12
MSImedium-scale integration196810 to 50013 to 99
LSIlarge-scale integration1971500 to 20 000100 to 9999
VLSIvery large-scale integration198020 000 to 1 000 00010 000 to 99 999
ULSIultra-large-scale integration19841 000 000 and more100 000 and more

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