Sunday 14 February 2016

Physical Design interview Questions With Answers Part 1

Q.1) In what all area of physical design you have worked on?

Ans) Answer to this question depends expertise and to the requirement for

which you have been interviewed.

Q.2) what all low power techniques, you have used? How low power and latest

technologies are related?

Q.3) What are input vector control and leakage reduction method?

Ans) Leakage current of a gate is also input dependent. Hence, we need to find the set of inputs

which gives least leakage. By applying this minimum leakage vector decreases the leakage current of the circuit  in  standby mode.

This method also called input vector controlled method of leakage reduction.

For more details go through ::

Q.4)How can you reduce dynamic power?

Ans) -Reduce switching activity by designing good RTL

 -Clock gating

 -Architectural improvements

 -Reduce supply voltage

 -Use multiple voltage domains-Multi vdd

Q.5)What are the vectors of dynamic power?

Ans) Voltage and Current

Q.6)How will you Computes a target IR drop value in the core from the target IR drop value?

Ans) Target IR drop in the core = <target IR drop from the package-to-I/O-to-core> –<IR drop

from package to core boundary>

(IR drop from package to core boundary = <IR drop in package> + <IR drop in bonding

wires> + <IR drop at I/O cells>)・IR drop is calculated by the unit of Power Domain for

multi power voltages.


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