Friday, 9 October 2015


Electromigration is a phenomenon, it can lead to opens and shorts due to metal ion displacement caused by the flow of electrons in metal, which can lead to functional failure of IC device. Reason for Electromigration is increase in current densities in net, which often occurs when strong cell drives thinner net  in CTN (Clock Tree Network) or in design.

How to Prevent Electro Migration Issue

To prevent this problem use the associate reference cell (a buffer or inverter inserted in CTS stage) with non default rules
Increasing the Width of Wire
Routing the net in higher metal layer
Up sizing of drivers can also be one the probable solution


  1. as i know the current densities increase on wire of less cross sectional area, over the time.

    You mentioned here, that when strong cell drives thick net, electromigration increase...

    EM increasing on thick net or thin net...?
    please clarify my doubt...?

    1. Yes u r correct, electromigration effect comes to play during high density current with lesser cross sectional area wire which can cause wire widening and that may lead to short and open of wire. Hope it will clear ur doubt

  2. Akshay upsizing the driver leads more current to flow through the segment resulting the segment violating with higher magnitude of violation. One solution is to downsize other solution is inserting buffer to minimise the load.

    1. thank you sir for your suggestion, surely i will include this point too

  3. Please add associated diagrams to the every concept while describing ...
    which gives the better idea to the reader.

  4. is it possible for wire widening due to em?